SB201 Tramples Local Control.

SB201 passed the House floor, Wednesday, February 28th. This bill UNDERMINES and OVERRIDES local county government control on zoning plans. Additionally, it is poorly written and opens up affected parties to COSTLY litigation. Primarily prompted by what is happening East River with Summit Carbon Solutions, this bill opens up the ENTIRE STATE to its NEGATIVE effects–one of which is reduced land value.

Even with all the testimony and 1000s of emails and phone calls made to our Representatives, this egregious bill still passed.

SB201 has been moved to a Conference Committee. This committee will be made up of an equal number of senators and representatives.. Leadership in both chambers determines who is on that committee.

It is expected they will meet very soon (potentially Monday), and they will put out a conference committee report. This report will then go to each floor to be voted on. If both floors approve the report, then the bill goes to the Governor’s desk.

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