UPDATE!  SB 80 was deferred to 41st Legislative Day — which means it was killed.  This is not what we had hoped for.

Senators Randy Deibert, Steve Kolbeck, Jim Mehlhaff, and Tim Reed all voted to defer rather than amend the statutes so that our local newspaper, The Belle Fourche Beacon, could have a shot at becoming our county’s legal newspaper.

The proponents of this bill were the South Dakota School Boards Association , and the South Dakota Municipal League. Opponents were newspapers that stand to gain monetarily. The Bill was an effort to get the Legals into the hands of the Public at large. 

Voted Against Tabling (For NOT killing the bill)

Bill Sponsor:  Tom Pischke

Committee Member: Jessica Castlebery

Committee Member: Liz Larson

Voted FOR Tabling (For killing the bill)

Committee Chair: Tim Reed

Capitol: 605-773-3821

Committee Member: Steve Kolbeck

Capitol: 605-773-3821

Committee Member: Randy Deibert

Committee Vice-Chair: Jim Mehlhaff

Capitol: 605-773-3821